Ships and Fishing

Fishing and Scuba Diving in Northern New York


carp fishing photoThe Oswegatchie River flows through Ogdensburg and into the St. Lawrence River. This river holds populations of smallmouth bass, walleyes, northern pike, muskies, catfish, and panfish. The Oswegatchie offers anglers the opportunity to fish from shore, to wade for fish , to use a canoe or to fish in a small motorized boat. The clip below is of the Sportsman's Club walleye derby May 2011.




Ice Fishing is one of Ogdensburg's most popular winter sports. Wheathouse Bay, located in the city, is recognized as one of the best ice fishing locations along the entire St. Lawrence River. Northern Pike and Yellow Perch are the two most popular species.


Wheathouse Bay photo

Shipwrecks Near Ogdensburg

Within a short distance of Ogdensburg, scuba divers can explore sailing schooners, coal powered steamers, side wheeler steamers, and freighters that have sunk in the St. Lawrence River over the past 200 years.

While scuba diving around Ogdensburg keep your eyes open for: Automobiles that went through the ice while smuggling whisky to the US during the prohibition, ferry tokens, cannonballs, anchors, undiscovered shipwrecks and the many different species of fresh water fish. There are many vessels that have been lost in the St. Lawrence River dating back to as far as the 1700's. many have not yet been found. If you happen to drift upon one please mark it with a buoy and contact the local dive shop. They will see to it that you get accredited for the find and the shipwreck is added to the many Keystorm Sunken Shipother historical or educational points of interest.

If you find old whisky bottles full of moonshine do not remove the cork or drink the fluid. It must be tested for its actual substance. If the bottle is tested and registered by a professional laboratory as pure old mellow whisky you will have yourself a collectable item worth around a grand. These bottles are found in every part of the St. Lawrence. Some bottles have been found in bottle alley just off the Ogdensburg Port.