Ogdensburg Green Market


Ogdensburg Green Market

‘Savor the Flavor, Support your Local Producers’


Saturdays 9am to 1pm in Lowe's Parking Lot in Gateway Plaza

May 16 th to September 29th


Thursdays 2pm to 5pm Corner of King Street & Mansion Avenue

May 11th to September 29th


Winter Market: Saturdays 1st Presbyterian Church Of Ogdensburg

311 Franklin Street in Fellowship Hall

October 5th to December 14th 9am to 1pm

The Church serves a free lunch every Saturday

EBT, WIC and Senior Coupons welcome at the Ogdensburg GreenMarket

If you would like to participate in the Ogdensburg Green Market as a vendor, please call Sandy Porter at the Ogdensburg Chamber of Commerce 393-3620.

How to shop at a farm market

  • Arrive early before everything's been picked over or sold.
  • Walk around selection changes each week depending on what's in season.
  • Ask questions everyone around you cares about food in a big way and are happy to talk about how to grow them and how to cook it.
  • Touch & feel generally the best vegetables feel heavier and don't have bruises. Everyone understands about the touch/smelling rule.
  • Bring plenty of bills. Small bills are best. Generally a farm market is a cash business.
  • Bring bags. Not really necessary, but it shows your eco support.

Some of the Ogdensburg Green Market Vendors

Brian Bennett, Bittersweet Farm
Organic Farmers, vegetable & herb transplants, salad greens, peas, beans, strawberries, tomatoes
Clifton Cook C.L. Cook Farms
Pork, lamb, sausage, bacon asparagus, cukes, fresh corn, toms, squash, apples
Nate Ellis
Gwen Law
Raspberries, apples and squash
K&M Greenhouse
Bedding plants, hanging baskets
River Myst Winery
Handcrafted wines samples/sales
Munson Miller Greenhouses
Perennials, houseplants and vines
Thousand Islands Winery
Handcrafted wines samples/sales
Grasse River B Ranch Jesse & Krista Barton
Aged raw goat and cow cheese
Jack Downing
Not Your Average Cookie Judi Questel
Whoopie pies, fudge, cupcakes and cookies
Candy Brown
Garden Stepping Stones
Brian & Debby Hicks, Heritage Farm
Berries, vegetables, herbs, eggs and chicken
Joe Metz, Sean Fay, OutHouse Farm
Vegetables, fruits, eggs and herbs
Lisa Reynolds
Soaps and knitgoods
Tammy Joanette
Primitive handcrafted signs & wall plaques
Khristina Bland
Baked goods and vegetables
KM Photography
Matted & framed photographs of local scenes
Parsley Place Herbs John Kordet & David Marshall
Live herbs
Tucker Spring Organic Brent Carbino
100% natural soaps, skin care products and massage
Robin Snyder
American Doll clothes, baskets and bonnetts
M. Middlemiss
Home baked cookies, pies, candy, crafts
Betty Poor
Floral headstone saddles, crafts and baked goods
Michele Burgess
Baked goods
Tabitha McKeever
Macreme jewlery and sports themed shirts
Clem Coryer, Clem's U-Pick
Don & Linda Kingston
Strawberries, asparagus, toms, corn, beans, peas, cukes, apples, potatoes, garlic


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Ogdensburg, NY